In regards to exporting sales from Taxify into a report, under the ‘Transactions’ tab in Taxify there is a ‘Simple Export’ option. This export will include ‘non-taxable’ items sales, and will include a transaction view as well as an itemized view. This is the report that is recommended by Taxify for reconciling with. The other option ‘Worksheet Export’ will not include the ‘non-taxable’ item sales. 

To download the Simple Export worksheet, log in to your Taxify account and go to  Transactions > Transactions. 

Select your desired date range and then select the option for the Simple Export (note: you may choose to view only transactions from certain states in the export by using the State dropdown). A list of transactions will be provided based on the parameters selected. Please ensure all transactions are selected by clicking the checkbox in the top left corner of the transaction box: It will show if all listed transactions are selected: “34 results (34 selected)”. 

Click the Download button to generate the export. Once generated, you can review the export via CSV. (All of your recent Taxify exports are viewable/available for download again by going to Transactions > Recent Exports.)

There are two tabs on the Taxify simple export worksheet – navigate to the Transaction Items tab sheet which shows a Unit Price Column and a Quantity Sold Column. Insert a column next to these columns and multiply the two to get the  total price per item (quick calculation). This total will match the totals of both of the Part Fulfillment Reports in LOCATE using the State Filter parameter of Ship To.* 

*For some reason filtering by individual states is off, but when leaving it blank for all states it is accurate. Any difference you see (LOCATE might be higher) is the result of bad addresses that Taxify cannot calculate.

As a note, the LOCATE Sales by State report was not intended to be used for tax calculation comparison because the total includes the taxes and looks at the Ship To address of the Customer on the SO. This does not account for Will Calls which are taxed at the Pickup location (your warehouse).

Figuring out Sales by State for the quarter:

Use the Taxify Simple Export, items tab, do the quick calculation, and then sort for each state for the total sales and tax.