You can choose from these different options by changing the “Header File Path” service setting on the “LOCATE Jasper Report Service”.

Changing the Header File Path

  1. To update the Header File Path, navigate to Services > LOCATE Jasper Report Server.
  2. Under the General Settings section > Header File Path
    • Change the number/version you want to match the format you want.
    • The reports will render with that header format.
  3. As for logos, that’s your company logo you upload on the Settings > Company page
    • The dimensions denote how large the uploaded logo should be to achieve the correct aspect ratio for the rendering of that header

LOCATE offers 4 stock report header templates:

1. (Default) 60x60px logo with address to the right:

2. 150x60px logo with address to the right:

3. Text only company and address

4. 300x60px logo (no text):