Create the Custom Field

1. Navigate to the Settings, then click the Module/Object related to the Report you wish to see the Custom Field on.


  • Settings > Purchase Orders > Custom Fields > Purchase Order Line
  • Settings > Sales Orders > Custom Fields > Sales Order Line

2. Click on the Custom Field tab. Some tabs will have the selection to pick between the Order level or the Order Line level custom fields. Ensure you select the appropriate one (Line Level) that correlates to your needs.

3. Complete the New Custom Field details:

  • Field Name: Exact same Name as the Custom Field you have on the Part
  • Description: Optional
  • Type: Exact same Type as the Custom Field you have on your Part
  • Required: Should match your company’s needs
  • Auto-Copy: Yes (very important that this is set to Yes)

Ensure the Auto-Copy field on the original Part Custom Field is set to Yes

  • You may also need to go back to turn on “Auto-Copy” on your part custom field if you did not set that.‚Äč

Creating a Report Profile to display Custom Field

1. In the Report Parameters identify the Line Item Custom Fields To Shop by selecting it from the drop down in that field, and also the additional fields you wish to show on the report.

2. In the Purchase Order Report Display Options, turn on the Line Item Custom Fields :

3. Create a New Report Profile
4. Make sure to set this profile as your default profile