Contacts are a light internal and external CRM feature of LOCATE. You are able to create contacts for different module types within LOCATE. The Contacts module allows you to search for contacts related to customers, vendors, sites and carriers. Customer and vendor contacts may be created directly from the Contacts module.


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Sales > Contacts or Purchasing > Contacts


Modules that have Contacts


How to add a contact to a Site?
How to add a contact to a Carrier?
How to edit an already existing contact?
How to create a new contact from the Customer module?
How to create a new contact from the Sales Order module?
Updating, changing or deleting a Contact does not update the Vendor default contact information?
Updating, changing or deleting a Contact does not update the Company default contact information?


List Detail – The landing page for the Contacts module and where to access all contacts
New – Create a new contact

Quick Action

Note: Actions will be shown or hidden based on the order type, status, workflow, and user permissions.

Delete Contact – Deleting just removes the record from the list view and archives the record in the module Trash Can where it can be restored if needed.
No Longer with Company – Designates that contact is no longer with company. This will gray out the contact. NOTE: Only for information sake. This does not remove this contact nor their email address from any subscribed, automated email events.
Reinstate with Company – Reinstate a contact that was previously designated as being no longer with company.

Contact Fields

Field NameField DescriptionField OptionsField Notes
NameThe name of the contactLOCATE will combine the First Name and Last Name fields.
Vendor/Customer/Carrier/SiteDetermines the type of contactsWill populate based on the record the contact is created under Can search by Vendor Aliases in this field.
TitleDisplay the contact’s official title
Phone NumberContact’s phone numberThis field will display the default phone number associated with the contact
ExtContact’s phone number extension
Email AddressContact’s email addressThis field will display the default email address associated with the contact
Mobile NumberContact’s mobile number