Whether your business sells toys, clothing, or machinery, it’s important that sales figures are easily accessible and transparent. When analyzing your sales in LOCATE, you have a variety of options for reviewing your sales for the month, depending on how you want to splice the data.

When evaluating sales at the end of a given period, there are four reports we see used most commonly by LOCATE users:

Invoice Margins

The Invoice Margins report provides a detailed view of all of the invoices that were issued during a specific date range. See each invoice with its line items, COGS, and margins. One important tool with the Invoice Margins report is that the user running the report has the ability to control whether taxes are included in the invoice total and whether shipping is included in the Net Sale column. This gives the user control over what is included in the sales values and makes it easier to get the number most valuable to you. When running this report for the first time, try turning on Column Descriptions in the Display Options, which will help explain what each of the columns includes.

Margin Summary

The Margin Summary gives the flexibility of breaking down sales and margins based on the data point that is most relevant to you. Choose from summarizing by Part, Part Group, Customer, Salesperson and more. Choose the parts and customers to include in the totals, or filter by the order source to see orders that came in from a specific shopping cart. When summarizing by a line-based data point, such as part or line site, you’ll also get a total quantity fulfilled. When summarizing by an order-based data point, such as customer or salesperson, you’ll get a total number of invoices for the time period.

Part Fulfillment Summary

The Part Fulfillment Summary provides detail of invoiced lines similar to the Invoice Margins report, but is grouped by part and by customer, and doesn’t include COGS. Two particularly powerful display options in this report give the user the ability to show or hide the order specific details and the totals per customer. Showing or hiding these lines greatly affects the layout of the report and allows the user to tailor the report to fit their specific data needs.

Total Sales by Salesperson

Though the Total Sales by Salesperson report is a simple one, it’s an important and powerful tool! See total sales values for each salesperson, with the option to choose whether you are reporting on the salesperson associated with the order or the default salesperson for each customer. Graphs provide a quick visual of those sales, and filters for customer, part and order specific data points allow refined control of the data used in the report.

While these four reports are the most commonly referenced sales reports in LOCATE, there are many other stock sales reports, as well as additional ways the pull the data, including the potential for custom reports if you have a specific reporting need. Reach out to the support team if you need additional help or are interested in a quote for a custom report!