You will need to get in contact with whomever developed your custom report to assist with this. We have developed several options right within the Custom Report page to help you contact your developer directly. See options below.

Banner with Developer Contact

On any Custom Report, there is a banner across the top to alert users of the development partner. This could be LOCATE or an external Developing Partner. If the report was developed by an internal developer within your company, then no banner will appear.

NOTE: Report Partners are only recorded on the report when its uploaded via a support session. If a partner is internally developing a custom reports they should log into the instance via a support session, rather than with a local/user account. The report will still show up in the custom folder, but no banner will appear indicating who developed the report.

Emailing a copy of the report to Developer/Support

When running then emailing a report (even if from another module), the developer/support email is available in the “to” options so users can email the report to the support partner.