LOCATE is able to attach reports to Scheduled Report emails that generate files <10MB. If it’s over that we will not attach the file for risk of having the email rejected by some email systems. The body will always include a link for the download should something go wrong with the file attachment.

If users need to keep historical copies of files we would recommend saving them directly to Dropbox or another file storage system. That way nobody has to download/save the file somewhere else.

  • We recommend having the scheduled reports saved to a dropbox which you can integrate with LOCATE, rather than the email option.
  • Or setup an additional schedule to send the report to Dropbox. This way they get saved and downloaded right away without having to retrieve from the email.

When scheduling the report, make sure to select the Storage Service from the dropdown. Please visit the Report Schedule page for more information on scheduling reports.

NOTE: All notifications (including schedule report delivery notifications) come from noreply@locateinv.com. Ensure your email filters and spam folders do not block or remove emails from this address.