In order to quickly access Reports from certain modules of LOCATE, you need to Link a Report to the module you’d like to run the Report from. This allows you to easily access Reports relevant to the Module Record you are working within.


  • From the Main Menu, click on the Reports module
  • Select a Report from the Reports list
    • You can use the Filter Reports field to find a specific report, or browse by Report Group to find the Report you’d like to link.
  • Click on the Details page of the selected Report
  • On the bottom right hand side of the Details page, Select the LINK button next to the Module you’d like to link the selected Report to.
    • Ideally, you want to link the Report to the same Module Group it belongs to. However you can link any report to any Module for quick access.

Special Notes

  • If one or more of the linked Report’s Parameters happen to be the Record Number of the Module Record you are working within, the Report will automatically fill in the open Record’s Number field for the Report Parameter.
  • Some Reports will automatically run if certain conditions are met. Steps for this are covered in our Tutorial on How to Automatically Run a Linked Report
  • In order to access linked reports, you will need to be within a specific Record of the Module you link the Report to. For example, if you link a Sales Order Report to the Sales Order Module, you will need to open up a specific Sales Order by clicking on the Sales Order number via the List View of the Sales Order Module.