The Report Run page for all reports has many functionalities. One may create and save selections as a Profile to run the report again in the future with the same parameters and display options. This page also services the basic function allowing the user to select specific parameters and display options to run their report. The reports can also be printed, emails and run/created in various file types from this page.


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Reports > click on any report > Report Run


Send New Email – Once a report has been run, the action to email a copy of the report will be made available. Select the “envelope” icon in the upper right hand corn to populate the Send Email popover.
Print – Print the report to designated printer set up in LOCATE, and select the quantity.
Run Report – Click to run the report with the current parameters and display options
Run As – To run the report in a different file format, click this and select the format you need.


Each Report Run Page will have three Sections available to help refine and run a report.

Report Profiles

Select Custom Report Profiles to run, but clicking into the Run Profile box (aka accordion menu) to populate the drop-down of any saved profile options. If there is a default profile saved, this will automatically populate, and if an alternate profile is desired, one will need to clear out the default and select the alternate from the drop-down.

If there are no options available, that is because no Profiles exist.

Create a New Profile(s) depending on your needs.

Report Parameters

Every report is going to have it’s own unique Parameters. Parameters are defined as the value to be used in a query condition. These will represented by date, account, order number, footer design, etc.

  • Required Parameters: those with an Asterisk (*) means they are required parameters.
  • Dynamic Date Ranges Parameter/Filter: Dynamic date ranges allow you to easily select common date ranges from a drop-down list, including Current Date, Current Month and Current Year-To-Date. Simply select the option you need for the report.
  • Multi-select Parameter/Filter: type of filter is designated by a “+” icon, and allows the user to select multiple records for which to run the report.
    • Each record selected will be listed next to the filter.
    • Simply click the “x” icon to remove any selections from the list.
  • Wildcard Parameter/Filter: will search for items containing the string of characters entered.
    • For example, searching for “ABC” will return results such as “123ABC“, “ABC123″, or “12ABC3″.
    • Invalid Wildcard Characters – Apostrophes.

The Custom Report Footer parameter is available on all stock form reports such as Sales Order, Quote, RMA, Invoice, Use Order, Purchase Order, Transfer Order, etc.

Display Options

Every report is going to have it’s own unique Display Options, some more than others. Display Options dictate how the reports query will be displayed, as well as dictate the parameter, details and line details displays.