The Margin Summary summarizes the total sales, COGS, and margins for invoices within a specified date range, grouped by a record of the user’s choosing, with options including part group, customer group, order source, and more. This report is showing what your final margin is, by the given grouping, including COGS + Shipping Cost.

NOTE: ‘Shipping Sales $’ represents what was charged to the customer. ‘Shipping Cost $’ represents what it cost to ship. 

NOTE: If shipping cost is blank, there is either an issue with the post back from the shipping software or the user manually shipped it.

NOTE: If you sort By Part Number or run the report for specific parts, the ‘Shipping Sales $’ column data will be $0. This is due to the fact that Shipping is set at the order-level, not the line-level. If run for a given date range and do NOT select specific parts, the ‘Shipping Sales $’ will populate as expected