The Report Detail page is where one can view the report name and description. One may also create and manage the report groups and associated reports, as well as associate reports to modules for quick access, as well as make them the default report for a particular module.


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Reports > Details

Report Details Section

View and edit the report name and description.

Stock Reports – names and descriptions are restricted from being changed.
Custom Reports – names and descriptions can be adjusted or changed.

Example Stock Report

Categorize Report Section

Create and manage the report groups. Adding a report to a group will then categorize it under that Report Group in the Groups module.


Create a New Report Group – Type the name, click Add
Add to an Existing Group – Click the Add to Group button
Edit a Group – Click the Edit Group button, this will allow you to edit the name
Delete a Group – Click the arrow next to the Edit Group, click the Delete Group which will then prompt a confirmation popover asking for to confirm the action.

Module Linkage Section

This section will allow you to link a report to a module in LOCATE. This report will then appear under the Reports Tab in the module. This enables easy access to various reports within a module.


To Link to a Module – click Link to the right of the module to which you would like to link the report.
To Unlink from a Module – the icon will turn red and read, “Unlink”. To unlink, simply click the button again and it will go back to blue and read, “Link”.
Set Default – To set the current report as the default report for the module.
Unset Default – To unset the current report as the default report for the module.