The New Report page is where you will create new reports in LOCATE.


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Reports
  2. On the reports list, click the plus sign “+” (new report button)

Creating a Report

  1. Once the report has been developed via Jasper and is ready to import into LOCATE.
  2. Navigate to the New Report page and complete the required fields:
    1. Report Name: this should match the name that is given to the report in Jasper
    2. Report Service: LOCATE Jasper Report Server
    3. Description: should detail the purpose or use of this report
    4. Report File: click Choose File to select the report for import
    5. Required Custom Fields & Custom Fields: If there are any required custom fields or customer fields designated in the Reports Settings > Custom Fields they will appear in their own sections below the required new report fields.
  3. Click Upload Report
  4. When the upload it complete, it will navigate you directly to the report’s Details tab

You created a sales order, now what?

  • When the completion of the upload navigates you to the report’s Details tab, this is where you can categorize the report and set up module linkage .