Certain Reports can use the current open Record to automatically run and display the report for viewing, emailing, downloading, and printing. There are a few requirements that need to be met in order for this feature to function as desired, and are detailed below. Common uses of this function are also detailed prior to the list of requirements.

Common Uses

  • Creating Barcodes for printing and application on Parts and Locations
  • Printing and Emailing customer/vendor facing Reports like Invoices, Sales Order Reports, and Purchase Order Reports.
  • Operational documents that are used and possibly automatically printed for operational processes.
    • Examples of these include Pick Travelers, Packing Slips, and Receiving Lists


  • The desired Report needs to be linked to the Module Record that the Report needs to be run from – Tutorial
    • The Report’s Module Group and the Module you link it with must be the same
  • The only required Parameter for the Report to run is the Record Number of the linked Module Record
    • If this is a Sales Order Report, then the only required Parameter must be “Sales Order Number”
    • If this is a Report being used to print a Barcode for a part, then the only required Parameter should be “Part Number”
  • If a Report’s specific Report Profile needs to be run automatically, then the desired Report Profile needs to be set as the Default Profile


  1. From the Main Menu, click on the “Reports” module
  2. Select a Report from the Reports list
    • You can use the “Filter Reports” field to find a specific report, or Browse by Report Group to find the Report you’d like to link
  3. Click on the “Details” page of the selected Report
  4. On the bottom right hand side of the Details page, Select the “LINK” button next to the Module you’d like to link the selected Report to
  5. Ensure the only required Report Parameter is the Record Number of the Module you are associating it with
    • Example: If you desire to automatically run a Sales Order type Report, ensure the only required Report Parameter is “Sales Order Number” (This rule applies to any report that you’d like to run Automatically once it’s selected)
  6. Open a Record from the Module you just linked the Report to
  7. Click on the Reports Tab at the top of the Record
  8. Click on the newly linked Report from the list of linked Reports from the Reports Tab
  9. If all requirements have been met, the Report will automatically run and display itself shortly to be emailed, printed, or downloaded.