LOCATE has an extensive list of Reports, Labels and Forms. All of these can be found in the Reports module.

NOTE: LOCATE limits each user to running 3 concurrent background reports at one time. Automated print events are not subject to this, neither are scheduled reports. This is to prevent individual users from queuing up large numbers of reports. (ALL support sessions and Cron driven reports share the same user.)


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Reports


Brand Override
Scheduled Report Retrieval
Detailed Reporting in LOCATE
LOCATE Stock Report Headers
File Missing Icon within a Report
How to create a New Report Profile
Auto-Copying a Part Custom Field to an Order to get it to display on a Report
Reports Alert: You currently have 3 reports running. Please wait for one of these reports to finish before running your next one.


Which Report to use for Sales Reporting?
How do I automatically run a linked Report?
How do I associate or link a Report to a Module Record?
How to edit an existing report profile’s parameters or display options?
How to create a non-branded packing slip and automated print event for Dropship orders?
Why is there a difference with Total Sales By Sales Person against the Total in the LOCATE Gross Profit?
Which Accounting reports should be run in LOCATE, and which should still be run in the Accounting Platform?

Custom Reports

What if my Custom Report has a bug?
What if I need a custom report developed?
Can a customer customize or create their own reports?
What if I have a custom report developed and need help with it?
What if my Custom Report needs a new or alternate customization?


New – Create/import a new report
Report Run – Primary report page to either select a profile to run, or set Parameters and Display Options to run the report
Details – Review report details, categorize report and set up module linkage
Subreports – View, download and upload Subreport files
Documents – Attach documents to the report
Profiles – Set up unique default or non-default report profiles for easy report run functionality
Access – Manage record-level Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Schedule – Set up scheduled distribution of report profiles
History – An audit of the reports run by users

Reports List

The Reports List will house all the LOCATE Stock reports, as well as any Custom reports specifically designed for the instance.

Use the Filter Reports field to type in the name of a particular report you are looking for, or if you do not know what report you are looking for, they are broken up into sections corresponding to operations or modules in LOCATE.

List of Reports

(*) LOCATE Favorite/Recommended Reports