Reports Update – July 27, 2021


  • Invoice report – Previously, the Invoice report would show the same Carton tracking from the first carton in both packages in the event that multiple cartons were associated to the same invoice. The Invoice report was updated so that each Carton or Package will now show its unique tracking information. This also corrected an issue that prevented tracking information from Drop Ship Purchase Order Confirmations from appearing on the Invoice report.
  • Invoice Margins report – Update to query to follow proper order of operations.
  • Part Fulfillment Summary report – Updated to more accurately reflect fulfilled quantities when $0 items are taken into account.
  • Return Order Export report
    • Added new “Receive Items Back” column.
    • Changed the report format to match all the other export type reports.
    • Broke out the Order Detail and Line Item Detail Parameters into sections.
    • Added stripping to make the report more presentable.
  • Sales Order Summary report – Updated the grand total table query handling for the Sales Channel parameter.