The mobile warehouse application allows you to put the power of LOCATE in the palm of your hand, increasing your warehouse efficiency. Currently almost every customer using LOCATE uses scanners in their warehouse.


Troubleshooting Sound Issues for Mobile Application


Why is my Pick failing to load on the Mobile App?
How to enable scanners to scan barcodes on Mobile?


Devices & Barcodes – LOCATE recommended Devices and compatible Barcode versions
Download – The LOCATE Warehouse mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices
Log In – The log in screen for the LOCATE application and what information to enter.
Scanning – Info and tips on how scanning works with the App and Devices


The menu is indicated by the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of Home screen on the mobile application.

Home – The home screen that houses all the modules within the mobile application
Change Site – Changing the site to be worked in while using the mobile application
Settings – The settings to be managed for Barcode Scanning related to the use of the mobile application
Logout – Logout of the mobile application


Housed on the Home screen of the mobile application.

Cycle Count – Once the cycle count has been created, the assigned user will need to enter and submit the quantities counted
Locations – View locations, view inventory by location, cycle count location and move all inventory within location
Move Inventory – This allows you to move parts from location to location
Packing – Package the order for shipment/pickup
Parts – View item or group of items which may be purchased, built, and/or sold
Picking – Find and physically pulling inventory from its location to fulfill an order
Pickup – Perform pickups by carriers or by cartons
Putaway – Perform putaways of inventory in various locations
Receiving – List of items which are ready to receive