Manufacture Orders are documents that allow you to manage and associate multiple Work Orders under a single document. Manufacture Orders are used to create batches of work orders for organizational and reporting purposes.


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Manufacturing > Manufacture Orders


How to Link Work Orders to a Manufacture Order in Bulk


Why is there inventory left over in my “Yield” Location?
How to create a Manufacture Order to fulfill current demand?


List Detail – The landing page for the Manufacture Order module and where to access all existing manufacture orders
New – Create a new manufacture order
Profile – The manufacture order profile page where you can manage order lines and view important order information
Notes – Make internal notes about a manufacture order
Docs – Attach and manage documents related to the order
Custom – Manage order-level custom fields
Audit – View the audit history for this order


Note: Actions will be shown or hidden based on the order type, status, workflow, and user permissions.

Clone Manufacture Order – Creates a new manufacture order with the same information as the selected manufacture order. Only the work order number(s) on the lines and timestamp will differ. Once the cloned order is issued, the work orders associated with the manufacture order will be created. NOTE: LOCATE will background the process of cloning larger orders to prevent timeouts. Any order under 20 lines will be cloned during the API call, but any order larger than this will have its lines cloned in the background and a system alert will appear on the order until the cloning process is complete.  
Issue Manufacture Order –
Once the manufacture order is ready for processing, you will need to issue the manufacture order. Issuing a manufacture order activates the work order line items to be picked.
Unissue Manufacture Order –
This actions disables items in the work orders associated with the manufacture order for picking and allows edits to take place.
Yield Work Orders –
This will yield the work orders associated with the manufacture order. Quantities will remain in the yield location until they are either putaway or consumed.
Delete Manufacture Order –
Deleting removes the record from the list view and archives the record in the module Trash Can where it can be restored if needed.
Void Manufacture Order
Void all line items on the order. This cannot be undone. The order status will change to Voided.


Unissued – The order is still being drafted and can be modified.
Issued – The order has been confirmed. Any workflow steps have been initiated.
Complete – The order has been completed.
Voided – The order has been voided.

Manufacture Order Fields

Field NameField DescriptionField OptionsField Notes
NumberUnique identifier for a Manufacture OrderCan be set to a specific number or auto-generated by LOCATE
SiteThe Site the Manufacture Order is or intending to be executed atAll Standard Sites in LOCATE
Yield LocationThe Location that all Work Orders on the Manufacture Order will be Yielded toAny unrestricted Location in LOCATE instanceNOTE: If you use a specific location in LOCATE to yield all of your Work Orders, after the orders have been completed and the goods have been either put away or consumed, the qty remaining in that location should be 0. 
Priority This is a Priority field that can be used for List View sorting and Reporting purposes Low
Below Normal
Above Normal
Expected Completion Date This is a custom date field that can be used for List View sorting and Reporting purposes Calendar
Created OnThe date and time the manufacture order was created Dictated by the creation of the order.
Issued OnThe date and time the manufacture order was issued Dictated by the status change to issued on the order.
Memo A text area for notes to be added to the Manufacture Order that will also appear on customer/internal customer report documents