If users are needing to get an exported list of data from LOCATE, the Export CSV is a great option. Click the Export icon to quickly export records via CSV. This will populate the export field page to determine exactly what to export.

NOTE: Some modules have Export reports in the Reports module. Check there first before moving forward with the CSV Export.

NOTE: Some modules have extensive fields available for search, sort and viewing right on the List Detail/Grid view of the module. So if data doesn’t necessarily need to be exported, try adjusting the fields being viewed on the List Detail/Grid view before moving forward with the CSV Export.

1. Navigate to the module you are needing to export data for. (Our example is needing to extract data about Parts.) 
2. In the top right corner, click on the Download icon that represents Export in this scenario.​

3. This will navigate to the Part Export page.
4. Here users can deselect all the fields ​they don’t wish to export, or the recommended option, is to deselected all, then select just those fields needed for the export.

Click in this box to deselect all fields.

Ex: If a user was needing to find the weight of all their parts, it’s easiest to deselect all fields by clicking the checkmark next to Part Export, to deselect all the fields, then finding the fields that are needed and select just those fields. In our example we will just need Name, Number, UOM and Weights.

5. Once all the fields for export have been identified and selected, click the Export CSV button.
6. This will populate the Success message alerting the user that the export will be emailed to them.

7. Check your email and you will have a message similar to this one where your export can be opened.