When a new LOCATE version is released, the API is automatically updated behind the scenes. The UI (user interface), however, will stay cached on your browser until refreshed. Depending on the features that were released, this could cause display errors or a frustrating user experience.

One way to see if a hard refresh is needed is to check your version number against the current version. Thanks to LOCATE’s new News and Updates section, users can see when a new version was released and compare that to the version on their home screen.

However, this doesn’t always guarantee that a refresh is not needed – CSS is cached separately, so users could still be seeing an incorrect (or at least unsightly) version of LOCATE. If you see a new version has been released, best practice is to perform a quick hard refresh before continuing in LOCATE.

Check out the helpful graphic below (or this link from Fabric Digital) to find out how to hard refresh based on each operating system and supported browser.

If A Hard Refresh Doesn’t Work

Occasionally, a hard refresh isn’t enough to clear a browser’s cache. Below you will find instructions to go one step further in ensuring the cache is cleared and the current version can be loaded.

Right click anywhere on your screen in LOCATE and select “Inspect”

This will open a window at the bottom (or side) of your screen. Select the Network tab and check the Disable Cache option.

Then, perform another hard refresh.