Document tabs can be found throughout LOCATE. They are used to attach documents to a specific record, either manually or automatically. Emails sent from a specific order will be attached as PDFs in that order’s Document tab.


The Document tab is accessible from the navigation menu of a module, either as a menu item or under the “+” dropdown. A badge will appear to the left of the tab to indicate how many documents are attached to the given object.

Uploading a Document

  1. Click on the Choose Files button in the Document Upload field to select files from your computer. Hold the “command” key on Mac or “ctrl” on Windows to select multiple files at once.
  2. Fill out the remaining fields:
    1. Service: this field will default to LOCATE Storage unless your company has an integration to a third-party storage provider, such as Dropbox
    2. Type: this fields is only selectable in certain modules, such as indicating a Part Image from the Part module.
    3. Description: optional field to describe the document.
  3. Select Upload to save the document(s).

Managing Documents

Here is where you can view, edit, download and delete documents.


Edit – Edit the description and Image Type of a document by clicking the Edit button.
Delete – Delete a document by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the Edit button and selecting Delete Document.
Download – Download a document by clicking on the blue “Download” button in the Download column.