Access tabs can be found on certain objects throughout LOCATE. This page allows users to manage record-level Access Control Lists (ACLs).
To learn more about ACLs, visit the Access Settings page.


The Access tab is accessible from the navigation menu of a module, under the “Manage” dropdown.

Manage Record ACLs

While nearly every object in LOCATE can be controlled by high-level ACL’s (e.g. allowing or revoking access to see or manage all customers), certain objects can also be controlled on a more granular level (allowing or revoking access to a specific part).

On this page, you can add a specific user, or groups of users, to the record’s Access Control List to more tightly control users’ interactions with each record.

You can also edit existing ACLs to unlock specific records for certain users or groups. This page is identical to the one found on the object’s Access Settings page, which controls the highest level ACLs for each object. The difference is that this page controls only the ALCs for the specific record you are currently on. So changing “Update” from No to Yes will allow the user or group to edit this record, but will not affect other records.