App Update – Version 1.9.6

⚠️ Hard refresh your browser before continuing in LOCATE | Version 1.9.6 was released at 11pm Pacific on October 21st


  • New integration – LOCATE now offers an integration with The Iconic. This integration has order import, shipment post back, and inventory sync functionality.
  • Payment Method on Recurring Orders – A flag has been added to payment methods to enable/disable them for use on recurring orders. All existing methods are enabled by default.
  • Editing Order Priority – Users can now edit the priority of a sales order or sales order line on an issued order.
  • New Email Event – pick/finished has been unlocked as an email event.
  • New Template Fields – pick.salesorders was added as an embed for use in email templates. Also exposed customer/vendor objects on return order email templates.
  • New Notification – A notification has been aded to alert users of failed webhooks. Users can subscribe under the webhook settings screen.

Improvements and General Updates

  • Use orders created from the cycle count module will prompt for any required custom fields.
  • Added the ability to assign order class to pass through shipping lines.
  • The work order popover has been updated to display the order’s status when triggered from a child order line.
  • RTF and HTML are no longer “run as” options for report format.
  • The Xero sync has been updated to avoid custom field name toggling.
  • Added Report Profile to scheduled report email/pop ups.
  • ​Expanded ShipStation phone number support to 50 characters, as indicated in their documentation.
  • Returnly integration update: if all return orders are from the same sales order, the customer_po_number will be copied onto the return order.
  • Fixed an issue when toggling between dropship and sale type lines that resulted in a missing invoice.
  • Updated Use Order Line CSV import to support “FALSE” for Perform Pick flag.
  • Added validation to check BOM lines when archiving a part.
  • Fixed an issue in the cost tree that was grouping labor and overhead.
  • Deprecated cost_currency_id on parts.
  • Updated “Force Customer Default Addresses” setting to also force Attention/Company Name.
    • New display options for discount handling on Sales Order/Invoice reports.
    • Updated timezone handling in report headers for dates.
    • Moved PAID stamp on Invoice report to prevent it from covering legal text in footer.
    • Added parameter to Bundles by Part report to include/exclude archived bundles from the report.
    • Exposed Sales Order Ship to Company field as option for Purchase Order Dropship orders on Purchase Order Report.
    • Added optional columns to the Sales and Inventory by Site Rolling 12 Months report: part cost, sale price, MSRP, qty on hand, qty available for sale, and qty on order.