App Update – Version 1.9.5

⚠️ Hard refresh your browser before continuing in LOCATE | Version 1.9.5 was released at 11pm PDT on July 15th


  • Multiple Dropship Vendors – Users now have the option to set an alternate dropship vendor directly from a dropship Sales Order line. Leaving the field blank will fall back to the default vendor. Additional dropship vendors for a given part can be added from the Vendor Part management screen.
  • Deconstruct on Receipt – There is a new part Deconstruct Type: Deconstruct on Receipt. This feature will automatically deconstruct a bundle/configurable part upon receipt finish. If the items in the bundle/configurable require tracking that doesn’t match the parent the deconstruct process will stage the Work Order and pick it, but the user will have to complete the tracking input prior to the yielding. If no tracking is required, or the tracking fields on the component parts match the parent tracking fields, then LOCATE will automatically complete the deconstruct process.
  • Auto-Copy Custom Fields to Work Orders – Two new custom field auto-copy sources have been added to Work Orders. When a Work Order is created that is linked with an order (build to order, build from pick, etc.) LOCATE will now use the line of that order as the primary source for custom field auto-copy data, then it will check the order (if any) related to that line, then it will check the bill of material (if provided).
  • Custom Field ACLs – Custom Field ACLs can now be individually managed on a per-field basis. Access to the Execute privilege represents the ability to edit the value of the given custom field on the related object. (Example: editing the Include in Shopping Cart custom field on a specific part)
  • Bulk Edit Return Order Lines – On Return Orders, users can now modify the Send/Receive Item Back field from the Return Order line bulk edit modal.
  • Ledger as Grid – The ledger module has been converted to use Grids, meaning all columns are dynamic and users can add Custom Fields (like Class) as additional columns.
  • Build to Stock From Over-allocation Table – A new re-stock option has been added to the over-allocation table: buildable or BOM-linked parts can be built to stock by clicking the wrench icon. This will create a Work Order for the appropriate items.
  • Configurable Bundles on Purchase Orders – Configurable bundles can now be added to and modified on Purchase Orders.
  • Child Lines on Purchase Orders – Non-light manufactured (NLM) Bundles have previously been allowed on Purchase Orders, but their child lines (components) will now be shown as well.
  • Substitute NLM Components – The components of non-light manufactured bundles can be substituted on ready to pick Sales Order lines.
  • Balance Permission – Two new permissions control users’ access to view Customer and Vendor balances.
  • New QuickBooks Settings – Added 3 new settings to the QuickBooks Online service to control payment options on invoices created by LOCATE: Flag for Email, Allow ACH Payment, Allow Credit Card Payment. These settings should activate the corresponding options in QuickBooks for invoices synced from LOCATE.
  • Grouped Pickline Builds – When buildable parts are on a grouped pick, users can now “build” from the parent pick line to build the entire qty from one Work Order.

Improvements and General Updates

  • LOCATE will now correctly reverse-calculate UOM conversions to facilitate purchasing in alternate UOMs.
  • On the Work Order grid, the Manufacture Order field has been moved to a separate column, which will be visible by default.
  • The expected completion dates of a Manufacture Order line will flow to a newly created Work Order.
  • Fixed an issue that left an empty pick after auto-working an unfulfillable order.
  • Site is no longer a field on the Use Order line import.
  • The Auto-Pack feature will no longer run unless all required data is present, and an error will be shown to indicate if any data is missing.
  • Added audit reason data to inventory/added, inventory/scrapped, inventory/adjusted, and inventory/moved events, which will expose this info for use in webhooks.
  • When a carton is added to a pack or ship, and no carrier details are specified when the carton is created, and the carton type used either does not have carrier details or only has partial details (carrier only, no service level), LOCATE will now look to the first order linked with the pack/ship to try and add data to the carton regarding carrier details. If neither a carrier or service level is set on the carton, LOCATE will use the carrier/service level of the order. If the carton specifies the carrier, but not the service level, and that carrier matches the order carrier, then the service level of the order will copy onto the carton.
  • The multi-site field has been removed from the Receipt by Vendor grid, as it was irrelevant.
  • Added class-copying handling for COGS entries tied to PO dropship lines.
  • On the Part –> Orders tab, order types and totals were added where relevant.
  • Updated the Show Inventory option on Sales Orders and Quotes
    • Existing reservations will now be considered before flagging a part as out of stock.
    • Non-light manufactured bundles and configurables will now be flagged in/out of stock based on the availability of their children, instead of the parents’ available to bundle qtys. This is because changing the site of the child line(s) does not change the site at which the parent inventory was checked, causing a possible discrepancy.
  • Updated logic to determine whether a Transfer Order is pickable.
  • Added support for searching by Vendor Aliases in the Vendor, Contacts and Purchase Order modules.
  • Fixed the calculation of margins on multi-currency orders.
  • Picks of any status can now be voided from the grid or the Pick’s actions menu


  • NEW Cycle Count Export Report – Export the Qty Counted vs the Qty Expected along with Location data for all counted parts
  • Unlocked usage of service custom fields (both order level and line level) on the Sales Order Export report.
  • Fixed an issue in the Parts Purchased by Vendor report where returns caused duplicate purchase counts.
  • Added a parameter to include/exclude archived parts in Bundle by Part report.
  • Updated the date handling in the Return Order Export report and the Return Rate report.
  • Corrected the display of the Purchase Order Export report.
  • Updated the Shipping Invoice report to correct the qty remaining calculation.