App Update – June 24, 2021

Improvements and General Updates

  • Updated the validation for the reservation of child lines to factor the parent lines qty.
  • Fixed issue with Shopify orders failing to import GST Free tax rates.
  • We have augmented the Single Customer type e-commerce imports to honor the currency when using an accounting service that restricts customer currencies such as QuickBooks. This will ensure that orders imported with a foreign currency will select a customer matching that currency.
    • This will append the currency abbreviation to the end of the single customer name (i.e. “Amazon FBA_CAD”) unless the order is in your home currency.
  • Fixed an issue with substituting parts on work orders that failed to unlock the workflow.
  • Updated the validation for Return Order issuance. You can no longer issue an Return Order if there are archived parts that will be received or shipped.
  • Updated a Xero O-Auth connection error to now send a Service Warning Notification, and that will issue a notice level log entry that users can see indicating the failure to connect.
  • Due to known issues with BigCommerce, where we will ask for an order and they say it doesn’t exist, and then we ask again and they give it to us, we have added in some loops to try to get that data multiple times to combat the issue. We try three times now to get any of that data since they are not responding to us every time. We have created three New Notifications for scenarios during failed post backs:
    • “LOCATE was unable to load order” – This is triggered because BigCommerce said the order doesn’t exist.
    • “Failed to load shipping addresses for order” – This is triggered because BigCommerce said the addresses doesn’t exist.
    • “Failed to update the shipment details” – This is triggered because BigCommerce return some type of error and refused to update the shipment.