The Tax Module allows you to easily view tax data submitted by services directly from LOCATE. Once tax data is recorded in LOCATE, it can be viewed and sorted here.


  1. From the Main Menu navigate to Accounting > Tax


Sales Tax vs. Use Tax
Sales Tax Gaps in LOCATE
Order Alerts – Tax Service Generated
Sales Tax: Flat Rates vs. State/Local Rates
Displayed Tax Services Nexus Configurations


What is the part taxability for my state?
What tax codes are exempt for my state?
What tax code should I use for my parts?
Why do I need a Tax Platform connected to LOCATE?
Why is LOCATE charging me for Taxify Filing Services?
Can I use different tax platforms for different countries?
Can I still file my taxes with information from my Accounting Platform?
Why are taxes calculated base on our local sales tax, not based on the address of the customer?


List Detail – The landing page for the Tax module and where to access all existing tax calculation information

Tax Fields

Field NameField Description Field Options Field Notes
Created At The date the order was created
Order Number The order number Hyperlinked to take the user directly to the record. Or the user can click the “eye” icon next to an order number, to open a popover that displays additional information about the order.
Total Tax The total estimated tax on the order
Estimate Indicates if that tax record is the details of an estimated tax request or a final tax requestYes
Every order has 2 requests once up front to estimate the tax due (those have estimate = yes) and a second time to report the final tax situation based on how the fulfillment occurred (those are estimate = no).
Tax Lines Manage list icon that once clicked will display a list of the individual order line details
Status Tax estimation status on orderNot Started
If status is ‘Failed’ or ‘Cancelled’, the reason will be populated in the Service Message field.
Service The tax service set up to calculate taxes for the companyComplete
LOCATE currently integrates with Taxify and TaxJar for sales tax calculation. Tax services are only required if your business collects sales tax.
Updated At The date the order was most recently modified
Origin Address Where the order originated fromThis field indicates where the order was fulfilled
Destination Address Where the order was sent to If the order is set to ‘Will Call’, this field will populate with the address of the order’s fulfillment site
Service Message Indicates issues with the tax estimate from the Service This field will only populate when the status is ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Failed’
Communication Log Used when Taxify/TaxJar are debugging tax calculations inside LOCATE There is a setting that enables detailed logging that when switched on will populate this field with low level API communication data