Accounting Basics

Debits and Credits
Accounting New Hire Help

LOCATE Settings

What is Summarized Batch accounting?
Can I map Sales/Income by Sales Channels?
How to adjust Max Rounding Error Correction?
What are LOCATE’s Default Account Mappings?
How to change your Instance’s Costing Method?
Why is there a break in my batch number sequence?
Can I adjust or set cutoff times by Service or Clearing Account?
How to program LOCATE when using A2X to manage payments from Shopify/Amazon?
If I change a customer/vendor name in LOCATE, will it create a new entry in the accounting platform?
Why are Sales Order/Payment on Batch date in LOCATE different from the Deposit from the Processor?

Accounting Platform Help

Xero Accounting Service Errors
How to connect Xero to LOCATE?
Web Connector Indicators & Errors
QuickBooks Online Accounting Service Errors
How to connect QuickBooks Online to LOCATE?
How to connect QuickBooks Desktop to LOCATE?
How to refund a Credit Memo in QuickBooks Online?
Accounting Platform changing Conversion Rate on Bills?
How to Migrate from one Accounting Platform to Another?
How to sync Customer Balances from the Accounting Platform?
How to utilize classes/categories from the accounting platform in LOCATE?
Is it possible to utilizing the Custom Field for Classes/Tracking Categories on other modules, than just those listed in the documentation?

Best Practices

Detailed Reporting in LOCATE
How to create and manage a Vendor Deposit on a Purchase Order?
How does LOCATE Accounting work with the Accounting Platform?
How to reconcile the Payments (Clearing Accounts) with the Bank Deposit?
How to properly Reconcile Purchase Orders when the receipt and bill do not match?
Bringing the Inventory Asset account in balance with the LOCATE Site Valuation in the UI
When a customer has a credit on their account and you are wanting to apply it to an order?
Which Accounting reports should be run in LOCATE, and which should still be run in the Accounting Platform?
How to manage overpayments when an eCommerce order is voided in LOCATE as opposed to cancelling in the eCommerce platform?